Qatar Coral For Real Estate Development L.L.C. offers professional real estate services to its clients through its office in Doha-Qatar. We offer our clients the opportunity to invest in its two towers VB-22 and VB-23 which are part of the iconic residential development in Viva Bahriya on The Pearl-Qatar. The real estate market in Doha is one of the fastest growing markets in the Middle East and North Africa and demand for residential apartments continues to outpace available supply due to the fundamentally superior macroeconomic conditions in the country. If you are an investor looking for an opportunity that provides a respectable return or you are an expatriate looking for suitable accommodation for you and your family, or if you are a frequent business traveler into Doha who is tired of living out of hotel rooms, our professional team will help you and guide you through until you get the best value for what you pay in terms of quality and return on investment. All you need to do is call us or visit our offices and we assure you of our best service.

Introducing our 'Double A' Customers or 'AA' King

Our Customer is an "AA" King...or Queen!
We are real estate developers and we are selling our VB-22 and VB-23 apartments to home owners who want to experience the beauty of living on Viva Bahriya. There is a certain reality about such a stylish life and as such we favor describing our target audience as "Double A" or indeed "AA" meaning; "Affluence with Affordability".
Our "AA" customers can therefore be Qatari nationals who want a second home in Doha to experience the "get away" beauty of living in an apartment on Viva Bahriya.
Furthermore, "AA" customers can be G.C.C. nationals who have business interests in Qatar and as such are regular visitors to Doha. They will favor the comfort and privacy of their own homes rather than the impersonal living out of suitcases in hotel rooms.
"AA" customers can also be expatriates who live and work in Qatar. There is simply no better address in Doha that they would prefer to be at than the Viva Bahriya at The Pearl. The wide choice of apartment sizes offers many an expatriate the flexibility to choose the right space for their living requirements.
Finally, for those "AA" customers who love the sun and the beach all year round and particularly those who come from the "Frozen North" of Europe, VB 22 and VB 23 offer exceptional value in catering for such a requirement and also offers a residence permit to provide easy access to their investment and to the beach on Viva Bahriya! VB22 and VB23, constitute an abundance of beachfront living.
But perhaps what is most important is that Qatar Coral is offering a community living at the VB-22 and VB-23 towers. It is pertinent for Qatar Coral to ensure that all its customers enjoy living in harmony and within a community that will eventually constitute each of the two towers of VB-22 and VB-23. Qatar Coral is also cognizant of the fact that all its customers want to preserve the value of their investments when buying into VB-22 and VB-23. That's what distinctive value is all about.

Real Estate Agents

Qatar Coral is the exclusive sales agent for its two towers in Viva Bahriya on The Pearl-Qatar i.e., VB-22 and VB-23. It is our duty to guide investors into finding a real estate investment that is suitable to their needs. Ever since the launch of sales of properties for the first phase (i.e. Porto Arabia) of The Pearl-Qatar took off in late 2005, prices have appreciated tremendously and Qatar was very well positioned to wither the turmoil from the global economic slowdown. Although prices for property in general have corrected lower in Doha, this was mainly driven by negative sentiments from neighboring markets particularly Dubai. The long term fundamentals of the Qatari economy will ensure that corrections in the real sector remain subdued and that prices reflect a true equilibrium between demand and supply rather than being driven by speculation. The Qatar 2030 vision calls for a knowledge based economy that reduces dependency on oil and gas with time despite that fact that reserves of such resources especially gas give Qatar an enviable economic stay power for the current century and beyond. Unlike several of its neighbors, Qatar today invests over 80% of it national income in cash generating investments that also create job opportunities and in infrastructure projects. This category is considered non speculative by outsiders. By the same token 20% goes into the real estate sector that may be considered by certain outsiders as speculative investments. Given this low ratio one must concede that real estate is indeed being supplied into the market at a pace commensurate with demand required to suffice and support the non speculative sector of the economy. With this, Qatar possesses a discriminating competence over its neighbors in the GCC. Furthermore, the efforts driven by the pre eminent Qatar Foundation to build, own and operate proprietary knowledge is indeed commendable and gives us all the confidence to want to subscribe to Qatar's vision.
VB-22 and VB-23 will offer you an opportunity to own a freehold property in an iconic development in a country where the economy is fast growing and the per capita income is one of the highest in the world. At Qatar Coral we are redefining commitment to our clients, to our trade partners and to our host, the venerable State of Qatar.


At Qatar Coral we will help you take the right decision to buy your property within VB-22 and VB-23 in Viva Bahriya on The Pearl-Qatar. If you require finance to buy your property, we can assist you in applying for a mortgage finance plan through some of the most reputed bank in Qatar where we enjoy superior banking relationships. We will help you analyze your return on investment depending on whether you intend to become the end user of your property or rent it out. Furthermore should you wish to sell your property at a later stage our Sales Team will endeavor to find a suitable buyer that fits your investment objectives.


Qatar Coral is looking into launching its leasing services upon completion and handing over of VB-22 and VB-23.

Furnishings & Fittings

Qatar Coral has a network of trade partners who supply furnishings and fittings for it properties. We will be more than happy to introduce our clients to our trade partners and help in the shortening the transition period as much as possible from taking delivery and owning an "empty" apartment into a comfortably furnished unit.

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