Imagine life at VB 23 ... an exclusive way of life enhanced by a warm golden sunrise over crystal blue Gulf waters.
A thriving community with a five-star feel, the modern luxury lifestyle Qatar is renowned for ... but more. Pristine, serene beach ... the clearest turquoise sea ... lusive marinas and beach front front Corniche. Landscaped public parks and piazzas overflow with green, open space ... expansive beach space ... an attractive, physically safe and comfortable environment most people can only dream about. Sumptuous apartment residences handcrafted down to the smallest details ... maximum exclusivity and complete freedom of choice in terms of customization ... exquisite attention to detail giving unique pleasure to all the senses ... leather, solid wood, marble ... exclusive materials enriched by prestige finishing ensure no limits to your desires. Spacious homes ... spectacular views and all the lifestyle advantages you deserve. At that moment, you realize something is dramatically different about your life. You are at peace in your with your life at VB23.
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